Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to my new blog to match my facebook page!

                                                                Happy Mothers Day
 Apologies everyone... all these photos are 'borrowed' from my inspiration file as I can't find where my husband has stashed my photos on my upgraded computer. 'My documents' have arrived but 'my pictures' is empty except for the preloaded sample pics. So these photos were in my download folder.

 In a photo similar to this, in a magazine, I first saw the idea of vintage mirrors on the wall. I had a few dotted around the house so I retrieved them and hung them on the wall in the family lounge area. I will show the photos of my house at a latter date.

 This one makes me smile because I love roses, mirrors, antique white, vintage china, chandeliers and beautiful settings on dining tables. One of the things I loved doing when I was little and when I first got married was gathering flowers from the garden and decorating/setting the table. I still gathered the flowers for the table for Mother's Day today (here in Australia).

                                    This speaks to me of "VINTAGE"... the style I love.

                                           A well organised pantry is so inspiring!

                                           More "vintage style" inspiration!

Love all the light streaming in those windows---
this is to remind me that one day I will have windows in my kitchen end wall facing the sun.
Very important here in the Mountains.

                         Thinking about lightening up my downstairs floorboards to a lime-wash
                                           and painting the upstairs floorboards that are still raw.

Inspiration to pick out certain elements when we re-do the kitchen. Windows like this will mean sacrificing wall cupboards/hutch but the light will be such an advantage. We want to customise our own plate rack- the one in the corner has given us an idea to design our own to fit our space. All the white will be clotted cream at our place and we want pressed painted tin panels NOT tiles.


  1. Delcie~Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comment. My husband and I are now working on different styles of wainscoting to put in the dinig room!

    Your blog is so pretty! Your inspiration photos are wonderful and I have added myself as a follower!


  2. Gorgeous photos! I love vintagey-white kitchens.

  3. Hi Delci, love your blog, I think I sold you some china many years ago through Ebay . I remember your lovely name. Love your style, can't wait to read more xx

  4. The kitchen with the windows and sun streaming is my idea of the perfect kitchen. add some vintage scales and it would be perfect. Amber